Write SEO Content for Florists

Published: Tuesday 25 October 2016

Write SEO Content for Florists

A common question I am asked is how to write well planned SEO titles, descriptions & headings for products on your florist websites, so I've created a short guide.

What are Meta Titles & Meta Descriptions?

When you search Google and see the search results, what's being shown here are the Meta Title & Meta Description from your website. screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-5-14-32-pm

The Meta Title is also used as the web browser tab information too.


And it's also used when you bookmark the page The Title and description are used when you share content to social media such as Facebook


So these are really important for both your SEO and as a compelling advertisement encouraging the user to click the link to visit your website.

Basics of the Tags

  • Every title, meta description and heading must be unique
  • There must be a title, meta description and heading on every page
  • They must make sense to a person reading them

Title Tag

This is probably the most important information for SEO, and you must include the keyword.

  • Title should be about 50-60 characters long
  • Do NOT try to stuff multiple keywords into a
  • Important keywords first
  • If your brand name is not well known or is not the focus of the page you can include it but include it at the end
  • Title tags must accurately describe the content on the page
  • Your H1 (Main Heading) should be different to your title tag.

For example here is a good example of a Meta Title: Websites For Florists | Ecommerce | Flower Store In a Box

Meta Description

The meta description is like the advertisement for your website on the search engines.

  • The Meta Description shoud be about 160 characters, although there is discussion that Google may extend this 200 characters
  • Include the Keyword / keyphrase for the page and carry it on from the meta title It must be unique
  • You can use a series of pre-determined compelling marketing messages (we will discuss these below) Mention specials, discounts, offers, prices etc that will encourage people to click

Websites for florists by Flower Store in a Box, unique ecommerce websites built for florists selling flowers online, trusted by over 500 florists worldwide

Florist Website Pages

There several common types of pages on your ecommerce florist website with the main being the following:

  • Homepage
  • Product Category Pages
  • Product Pages
  • Information Pages
  • Landing Pages

I am going to focus on the two product related pages:

  • Product Category Pages
  • Product Pages

Choosing Keywords and Key-phrases

There are some pretty standard keywords and key-phrases for all florists online that you should be targeting.

  • Florist (Suburb or City)
  • Florist in (Suburb or City)
  • Flower Delivery (Suburb or City)
  • Flower Delivery in (Suburb or City)
  • Same Day Flower Delivery (Suburb or City)

This is also about maximising the profitability of your orders, you will make more money on orders you make and deliver than having to relay orders elsewhere. Whether you choose Suburb or City is based on your own location and delivery area you wish to target.

Unique Selling Propositions for your site and content

When we discussed what to use in meta descriptions we discussed your unique selling propositions were or your special offers. Typically for florists these include:

  • Same Day Delivery
  • 10% Discount for all members
  • Flowers from XX dollars
  • Guaranteed same day delivery by 5pm
  • Free Delivery for all orders
  • Free chocolates / teddy bears / gift with every order

You can also use other marketing slogans that match your own marketing message

  • Market Fresh Flowers Every Day
  • Guaranteed to impress
  • Real Local Florist
  • Personal service by our lovely florists

So now you have a whole list of USP's and marketing messages you can use in your meta titles and descriptions. From our experience the vast majority of searching for flowers to buy online are concentrated in four types of searches:

  • Search with the delivery location and the word flowers / florist / delivered
  • Search for send / buy flowers online
  • Search for occasion / flower type name with flowers
  • Search for occasion / flower type and the words

Putting all of this together Take for example the category:

Thank You Title: Thank You Flowers | Same Day Delivery | Free Chocolates
Description: Thank You Flowers delivered to Sydney from only $49.95, same day FREE delivery with FREE Teddy Bear
Heading: Thank You Flowers with Free Chocolate


Title: Thank You Flowers | Free Chocolates | Flower Store In a Box
Description: Buy Thank You Flowers delivered to Sydney from only $49.95 with Free Delivery, Order before 2pm for same day delivery. Market Fresh Flowers made by a real florist
Heading: Thank You Flowers You can obviously be far more creative with specific products like roses:
Title Roses Delivered Sydney | Fresh Roses | Flower Store In a Box
Description: Buy Roses from our wide range of roses, whether it's 1 dozen red roses, or a single red rose to say I love you. We offer same day delivery to Sydney.
Heading: Roses for all occasions!

For special events like Mother's Day & Valentine's Day we use the value propositions of:

  1. Scarcity (Don't miss out)
  2. Guarantee (to impress or be delivered)
  3. Discount, Add-on

Title: Valentine's Day Flowers Sydney | Guaranteed Delivery 14th Feb
Description: Order Valentine's Day Flowers with guaranteed Free Sydney Delivery, every order receives a Free gift! Limited delivery slots, don't miss out, Order Now
Heading: Valentine's Day Flowers Sydney


By and far the hardest to write these for are products, and this is where creating some standard titles and descriptions with various USP's and marketing messages can be very useful. Let's call the product:

Title: Mixed Boxed Arrangement | Flower Store In a Box
Description: But Mixed Boxed Arrangement from $49.95 with Free Delivery and 10% off for members, guaranteed to last for a week
Heading: Impressive mixed box floral arrangement

The description can be re-used: Buy (Product Name) from (Price) with Free Delivery and 10% off for members, guaranteed to last for at least a week Or what about Stunning (Product Name), same day delivery throughout Sydney from only (Price). (Product Name) are a perfect (Occasion Name) If you have a large product selection you can create 20 or thirty standard descriptions and then use and customise a different one for each product.

Advanced Meta Descriptions

Whilst this guide is useful for getting started with SEO and writing for your online florist it's really only a starting point. You can introduce custom meta descriptions for each category and product that define what the product looks like and contains. For example: A stunning White Phalaenopsis Orchid delivered to Sydney. Every orchid has a minimum of 2 flower spikes and will flowers for months. Which is a far better meta description, but much more time consuming. A word of advice though, it's better to have fewer products with complete content than loads of products with no content and missing metadata.

Drew Wentzel

Drew Wentzel

Drew Wentzel is the principal of enflexion with over 25 years of experience in developing web services and software, Drew has helped design and develop usable and functionality rich Internet applications and built online presences for a wide variety of industries including retail, government, hospitality, lifestyle, corporate and technology companies.

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