Mobile Responsive Framework


All versions  of Flower Store In a Box are mobile responsive for Mobile & Smart Phone users to easily buy flowers online directly from their Mobile & Smart Phone.



Some statistics

  • It's estimated the iPhone web browser has 50% of the mobile Internet browser market which means if your website is not accessible on the iPhone then you are missing out on potential sales!
  • A recent study by research group IDC suggests that by 2012, there will be 1.3 million iPhones in use in Australia. This indicates the importance of mobile application development for companies wishing to remain competitive.

Because of the Mobile & Smart Phone screen size, websites designed to be viewed on a computer screen are difficult to use and this is especially significant for eCommerce sites.

As more customers are emailing, doing their banking and shopping online, it's important that your Florist website is Mobile & Smart Phone compatible.

The Flower Store In a Box Florist Mobile Responsive Frameowork has been designed specifically for the Mobile & Smart Phone screen and mobile commerce. It provides an easy shopping experience for mobile eCommerce.

mobile interface for florist website