Use SIRI to find your Florist

Published: Tuesday 21 February 2017

Use SIRI to find your Florist

We were recently asked how to make sure Siri on an Apple device knows how to find your business when asked. The answer was quite simple and was to make sure your business details were correct in Apple Maps. You can login and manage your business listing on Apple Maps Here: You will need an Apple ID and password to do this, you can use your personal Apple ID or you can create a new one only for business. Click the Add My Business Option to start adding your business information.



Enter your business name and enter your address then click search


Click on your Business Name to claim your place


You will need to edit the information about your business and in particular your phone number as this is used to validate you own the business. 4

Choose what category of business you work in.


Validate your phone number, Apple will call you and tell you a 4 digit code that you enter in the screen


Once it's all done and you have no errors click Submit for Review, this can take sveral days or weeks. Apple Maps Connect has a helpful FAQ to help you through this process, so be sure to to look it over if you have any



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