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Flower Store In a Box Florist Software allows florists to sell over the Internet 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

What are the sort of features that florists need that are available right out of the box with Flower Store In a Box Software? 

  • Choose a delivery Date
  • Validate the delivery date in real time
  • Ability to block delivery dates for days you don’t deliver
  • Cut off times for same day deliveries
  • In Store Pickup
  • Limit your delivery area to only areas you can physically deliver to
  • Different costs for different suburbs not just postcodes
  • Up-Sells happen on the same page, no endless clicking
  • Card Message for the recipient
  • Manage your orders and create run sheets
  • Block out entire categories for Mothers Day & Valentines Day

But it's not just what the front end of your website looks like it's also how easy the software is to manage your website and your orders!

Manage Products & Content Easily with our Florist Software

Wev'e built an easy to use online software that allows you to view and page and edit the age or content at just the click of the button, you don't have to search loads of plain text lines, it's exactly the same as surfing your website.

Managing Your Orders Just for Florists with Flower Store In a Box Florist Software

Order Management has been designed in the online software for florists to use with the classic workflow of an online florist from:

  • Ordering
  • Printing
  • Making
  • Out Route
  • Delievered

At each stage of the process an additional email can be sent to the customer telling them what's happening.

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