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Why Choose Flower Store In a Box for your ecommerce florist website?

Choosing a partner to build your florist website is extremely important, they will become your trusted technology partner, confidant and guide for your business. Helping guide and nurture your business to get the best possible outcome online!

So we’ve put together some reasons why you should choose us as that trusted website partner!

Over 20 Years of ecommerce floristry experience

We’ve been in business for over 20 years since 2001, that’s three years longer than Facebook has been around.  We’ve been working with all manner of florists all over the world, from small florists with kiosks to large multinational florists that have multiple locations across the country.

We understand what it means to sell flowers online

This is a really important one, selling flowers online is not the same as selling say a dress or a top.  The way customers find your site, the way customers interact with a florist site and the information required to create a floral order is unique, and we get that uniqueness.

We've already built the features you want

In 99% of the case that feature that you really need for your online florist, has probably already been built tested and is working straight out of the box, so you don't have to pay more to have it "customised".

Flower Store In a Box is unique to sell flowers online

We sell our very own product, it’s not software that we have bought from somewhere else and “hacked”.  We have lovingly written every line of code and designed every interaction.  This means that the software already has all the features you need to sell flowers online such as:

  • Delivery Dates for Ordering
  • You can block dates you don’t deliver too
  • Same Day ordering cut off times
  • Additional Card Message for the recipient
  • Recipient’s Phone number
  • Delivery Runsheet (printable as well)
  • In Store Pickup Runsheet (printable as well)
  • Easily mark a colour of a product out of stock without making the whole product out of stock
  • Stock Inventory and automatic Out of Stock notifications
  • Holiday mode blocking dates between two dates
  • Manual Order System
  • Weekend Delivery Surcharges
  • Date Surcharges and Charge a special flat fee for a specific date IE Mothers Day
  • Timed Delivery Costs and rules
  • In Store Pickup times and rules with different In store Pickup cut off times
  • Delivery Suburbs
    • Make a suburb invisible / visible
    • Make a suburb not available for Same Day ordering
    • Different same day cut for suburbs such as distant suburbs
    • Different Suburbs Delivery Costs
  • Choose In store or Delivery on Shopping Cart Summary Page
  • Alcohol checkbox to confirm the customer / recipient are over 18 years of age
  • Restrict sales that are only alcohol
  • Show the Suite / Hospital Room optional
  • Address type changes the labels that are required
  • Restrict orders to only specific categories IE Valentine's Day
  • Make some products only availabke not same day

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of working with florists, our customers have made well over $200 Million dollars in online sales though us.  We know what works when selling flowers online and we guide you in the same strategy is working currently for customers all over the world.

We will save you money in the long run

Our solution will save you money in the long run, because you will not need to “upgrade” every time a bug in your software is fixed, we do all of this as part of your monthly fee. Your site will also not “break” when new security features are added.

We are constantly evolving our software features for you

We spend a great deal of time reviewing what is working online for florists and then we spend time building new features into our solution that you can use.  As technology changes we change as well.  Technology has certainly changed since we built our first florist website.  In fact we were the very first company to offer mobile interfaces for ecommerce websites over 10 years ago!

Over the last year alone we have moved everyone to our newest Cloud Based Website Dashboard and have added:

  • In built Image Optimization
  • Speed Optimization tools
  • FREE email Marketing
  • Inbuilt SEO Analysis Tools

FREE Banners & Assistance for Mother’s Day, Valentines Day and Christmas

One of our big things we do is every Mother’s Day, Valentines Day and Christmas is design a library of banners for our customer’s website that we will then customize and put on your website, this is just part of the service we offer.

Excellent Ongoing Support

We are a small business and we understand other small businesses, the other thing we understand is that you are a florist and not a “geek” like us, so we try and make it as easy as possible for you.  That means we have video tutorials, email support and yes we even like to talk on the phone!

We are not your typical website development company, we’ve made a huge investment in your florist industry and want to help you grow your business.

Why not contact us now to discuss how Flower Store In a Box can assist you?

Why not contact us now to discuss how Flower Store In a Box can assist you?

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