Comparing “Florist websites using WordPress / WooCommerce” to Flower Store In a Box

We were recently asked to explain the difference between what we offer and a new entrant to the Florist Market selling WordPress / WooCommerce websites.  We are always excited to outline why we are the best custom solution for florists in the market.  We are also always very amused by competitors that try and copy our packages.  Competition in the online e-commerce floristry market is always welcome as it helps ensure we offer the best solution and support for florists!

Flower Store In a Box is a fully custom-built eCommerce software solution for florists.  It’s been developed over the last 20 years and has a large and growing customer base in Australia, where we are based, and internationally.  We provide outstanding ongoing technical support for your florist business and regular feature upgrades to the software to help you.

20-year Proven Track Record

We have been working with hundreds of florists for almost 20 years, and in this time, our customers have made hundreds of millions of dollars through our platform.  We have a vast and active customer base of pleased customers.

Deep knowledge of what works for florists online

We benefit from the experience of millions of customers buying flowers online, which means we have a unique knowledge of how florists' websites work.  We translate this into websites that are easy to use and deliver actual results.

Friendly and knowledgeable Support

Our team provides friendly and knowledgeable support by telephone, email, and online.  We have extensive online help files and can answer questions quickly and efficiently.

Custom-built florist software VS WordPress / Woo Commerce

Our entire platform is custom-built from the absolute ground up, which means it does exactly what it is supposed to do with all the bells and whistles right out of the box.  It is not someone else’s software with a million “plugins” to do “almost” what florists need.  Because it’s our software, we fix bugs and ensure you are kept up to date and safe.  We aren’t dictated by the existing software and other people's software issues.

There is no guarantee that your version of WordPress will still be compatible with your multiple plugin version in future years.  One major security patch by WordPress or Woocommerce could make your entire WordPress website inoperable.

We constantly work to future-proof and upgrade our software that is fully integrated out of the box!

Integrated Features VS Plugins

All Flower Store In a Box features are built right into our software, so they work correctly with each other.  WordPress requires many plugins to offer similar features to Flower Store In a Box. These plugins can lead to software conflicts, site speed issues, and high maintenance costs.

The original developer may not constantly update plugins, and old ones can lead to serious security flaws and a danger to your business.

Even the standard plugins require regular updates, and any of these updates to a WordPress website could stop the site from working correctly with other plugins.

Custom-built checkout for floral sales

Our Checkout has been built for selling flowers and doesn’t require more information than is necessary. We are making it easy and quick for the customer to checkout.  It’s also highly customisable without affecting the software so you can have much more control.

Because our checkout has been custom built by us, the delivery location, delivery date, pickup locations, pickup times, delivery times etc., have been deeply integrated, so they all work together seamlessly.

Regular feature updates

Because we specialise in working with florists, we regularly add more valuable and desired features to the software based on what florists want.

Easily upgradable always

We ensure our websites are easily upgradable, so when we release new versions of the latest software (as we do four times a year), it’s a breeze to update and always backwards compatible.

Our Entry level is less than half the price!

When you are on a budget, our entry-level package (Starter Package) is less than half the price of their published cost.  You still get ALL our features, however!

Cloud Dashboard VS individual dashboard

Our dashboard to manage your website and business is a “cloud-based” dashboard, meaning we can deploy new features rapidly with zero fuss.

Integrated Marketing Platform

We have a vast number of integrated marketing tools for you to use, including:

  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Notifications
  • Google Reviews
  • Instagram feeds
  • Member Loyalty

SEO Suburb Landing Pages

It’s essential NOT to have junk or empty pages on your website; if you are using SEO Suburb Landing Pages, it’s vitally important that these pages have quality and unique content.  If you have empty pages with no content, these will harm your google rankings.

Don’t trust your florist website to anyone else.

Why choose an inferior, unproven and more expensive product that is trying to copy the industry’s leading solution?  Trust Flower Store In a Box’s 20 years of experience delivering eCommerce florist solutions!

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