Wix or Squarespace Vs Flower Store In a Box

There are a lot of free or “cheap” DIY website builder programs online, Wix and Squarespace being the most popular.

However as a florist you should avoid using these services as they will not give you, or your customers the online experience that they expect.

Wix / Squarespace eCommerce are not suitable for floristry ecommerce

Florist websites are unique and they require specific features for people buying flowers:

  • Delivery dates
  • Limited Suburbs to deliver to
  • Blocked delivery dates
  • Card messages
  • Same day cut off for orders
  • Different Delivery Addresses

Just to mention a few features that are absolutely required. 

If your florist website allows an order to be placed that you can’t fulfil you will end up with poor customer reviews that will negatively impact on your business name!

You don’t control the branding unless you pay more

Unless you are on a paid account, Wix and Squarespace will show ads on your website.  It’s not great for branding if you don’t have your own domain name it will look like are not a professional company.

That also counts if at the bottom of your site is says:

Powered by Wix / Squarespace.

Consumers associate both of these brands with cheap and  unprofessional businesses.

You have to do it all yourself

Both Wix and Squarespace are DIY platforms which means you have to spend a significant time investment to set up your site.

With Flower Store in a box apart from your content and products we do it all for you!

You still have an incredible dashboard with Flower Store in a Box to manage all of your content.

Google Doesn’t like these platforms and won’t rank your site

If you are wanting to attract customers through Search Engine Optimization you may as well forget it if you are using Wix or Squarespace.

These platforms are built for the way they look and they don’t adhere to Google’s requirements for SEO.

Wix sites are Slow to load

Because of the technology that is used to make the site (JavaScript) the sites can take up to 10 seconds to load.  By then your potential customer has gone to your competitor by then.

These platforms create pages with “code bloat” which is a nice way of saying there is just too much extra code on the page that also slows things down.

They might be free to start with but they can get expensive quickly

You may sign up to the free version, but then realize you need the paid version ($24USD a month) then you need to add apps which also cost more.

By the time you have spent all the time designing the site it’s more expensive every month than Flower Store In a Box.

Flower Store In a Box is the prefered florist ecommerce platform

Flower Store In a Box is a fully featured ecommerce solution that’s been developed specifically for florists.

It’s jam packed with all the features required to professional sell flowers online and market your website.  It’s trusteed by hundreds of florists across the globe and our customers have transacted hundreds of millions of dollars through us.

The initial cost might be more than Wix or Squarespace but in the long term Flower Store In a Box is cheaper and will get better results!

  • Delivery Dates for Ordering
  • You can block dates you don’t deliver too
  • Same Day ordering cut off times
  • Additional Card Message for the recipient
  • Recipient’s Phone number
  • Delivery Runsheet (printable as well)
  • In Store Pickup Runsheet (printable as well)
  • Easily mark a colour of a product out of stock without making the whole product out of stock
  • Stock Inventory and automatic Out of Stock notifications
  • Holiday mode blocking dates between two dates
  • Manual Order System
  • Weekend Delivery Surcharges
  • Date Surcharges and Charge a special flat fee for a specific date IE Mothers Day
  • Timed Delivery Costs and rules
  • In Store Pickup times and rules with different In store Pickup cut off times
  • Delivery Suburbs
    • Make a suburb invisible / visible
    • Make a suburb not available for Same Day ordering
    • Different same day cut for suburbs such as distant suburbs
    • Different Suburbs Delivery Costs
  • Choose In store or Delivery on Shopping Cart Summary Page
  • Alcohol checkbox to confirm the customer / recipient are over 18 years of age
  • Restrict sales that are only alcohol
  • Show the Suite / Hospital Room optional
  • Address type changes the labels that are required
  • Restrict orders to only specific categories IE Valentine's Day
  • Make some products only availabe not same day
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