Features of Flower Store In a Box

Flower Store in a Box is an ecommerce solution that’s been built for florists to effectively and easily sell flowers online.  It’s an end to end solution that has inbuilt marketing tools and workflow for managing your orders. 

It’s a professional solution with all the bells and whistles a florist website needs straight out of the box because selling flowers online is unique!

We’ve been building our website solution for florists for 15 years and we are internationally regarded as one of the leaders in the field of florist ecommerce.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of features that we have built into our software and here is a small snapshot.

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Purpose Built for Florists

Flower Store in a Box is unique and has been built to easily sell flowers online.

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Inbuilt Marketing Tools

We’ve built in a host of FREE marketing tools to help promote your website and encourage customers to purchase from you.

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Manage Orders the Florist Way

Florists manage the order process in a way that is totally unique and we have built a workflow just for you.

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Managing Products

Managing products is a breeze with the dashboard and the products are structured especially for flower sales.

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SEO Tools!

SEO is one of the three primary methods of marketing florist websites and we’ve made sure you are covered with excellent tools and compliance.

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Your site can be extensively customized

The software has been designed so that you can extensively customize all parts of the journey to suit your specific business needs.

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Mobile Responsive Designs

All of our websites are designed to be mobile responsive and work perfectly on mobile devices.

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Customer Management

There is extensive customer managment in the Flower Store In a Box Dashboard.

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Manual Telephone Orders

Take orders over the phone with the manual Order Dashboard.

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Additional Features

Some other cool features such as accepting payments online, security.

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Success Story

Drew and the team from Flower Store in a Box have always been helpful and responsive to ensure our online retail platform looks professional and results in sales. They're always willing to go the extra mile for us, we really appreciate their expertise.

Winston Jeffrey, Urban Flower Sydney

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