Cost Effective Websites for Florists

Flower Store in a box provides outstanding value for florists wanting to sell online. Our website packages provide all the important functionality that florists require to sell in a competitive online market.

Why do we offer cost effective websites for florists?

Our website packages are cost effective because straight out of the box we provide the real things that people actually want on a florist website such as:

  • Ability to choose the delivery date
  • Cut off times for same day delivery
  • Ability to block dates you don’t deliver (like Sundays)
  • On Page Up-sell opportunities to maximise your profitability
  • Limit your delivery area so you only get the orders you can deliver making your florist more money

15 years experience with online floristry providing cost effective websites for florists

We know what works online to sell flowers because we’ve been working with florists all over the world for over 15 years!

This means we can guide you on what does and doesn’t work online when selling flowers.  This saves you money and saves you time!

Customers all over the world

We are recognised as the world leaders in online floristry with customers in Australia, the United States and Europe.

We Deliver on our promises

We’ve heard it all before from customers who have come from other providers that have promised the earth but haven’t been able to deliver.

We are very different because we deliver on what we say we will and we stand by our software.

It’s our software so we know it inside out

Our software is totally built in house by our talented engineers so not only have we built a product based on exactly what you the florist needs we’ve made sure you are getting the best features for less money!

We’ve built hundreds of cost effective websites for florists 

We have built hundreds and hundreds of websites for florists so we know what does and doesn’t work online to sell flowers.  This means that we can guide you on what does and doesn’t work which means we can save you from making huge mistakes with your website which in the long run will save you money!

More than just a cost effective website

We offer advise on marketing that has been proven to work from florists, it’s unique to you and the way people are buying flowers online!

Buying a Flower Store In a Box website is cost effective because you will make more money and save money by learning from our extensive floristry experience!

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