Create Suburb SEO Landing Pages

Published: Monday 9 November 2015

Create Suburb SEO Landing Pages

Creating Suburb SEO Landing Pages

One of the most effective ways of targeting SEO traffic for your florist website is to have high quality content across your site and create specific Delivery Location SEO Landing Pages. Online florists are relatively unique in they prefer to receive orders that they can make and then deliver to their delivery areas rather than relay the order to another florist. To assist you in marketing to customers sending flowers to your local delivery area SEO Delivery Location Pages are the perfect way of doing this. You can create these pages easily in your website myweblogin Dashboard however there are steps you should take before you create these. The pages themselves will look similar to a product category page, except they will be structured correctly for maximum search engine exposure.

Step One

Create a list of the delivery suburbs that you deliver to and if you do not already create a Delivery Page with these suburbs listed.

Step Two

As each of these pages will require a significant amount of content it's best if you prioritize the suburbs you wish to create landing pages for. You can do this by deciding yourself which suburbs people most frequently order from, or you can look at your dashboard to view the top 10 delivery postcodes. Or you can do some keyword analysis on your suburb location and flowers or florist IE:

  • Suburb Name Florist
  • Suburb Name Flowers
  • Suburb Name Flowers Delivered

You can then us a tool called to check how many people are searching for your one of these key phrases and this will then determine which suburb/s to focus on. Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 12.14.05 pm

Step Three

Once you have selected your suburbs it's time to create and write some content keeping in mind that you need to write at least 500 or so words on each suburb. However to start with you can use a common structure for the headings, titles and descriptions: Don't forget to replace Suburb Name and Name of Your Florist in italics below: Page Title: Flower Delivery Suburb Name Florist Suburb Name Name of your florist Page Meta Description If you need flowers delivered in Suburb Name, Florist Name have a huge range of flowers for all occasions, fresh from your Local Suburb Name's florist. Heading One Flower Delivery Suburb Name Initial Content: If you're looking for Suburb Name flower delivery you're in the right place! Florist Name allows you to find and send the perfect flowers from the best florist in Suburb Name.

Step Four

For each suburb page you need to write about 500 words about the suburb. This does not have to specifically be about sending flowers or floristry, but it does need to be about the suburb. The sorts of content ideas here are:

  • Location where the suburb is located, what suburbs are near by
  • Local Points of interest Churches for wedding, shopping centers, sports fields etc
  • History of the area when was it founded
  • Sports Teams
  • Famous People

Step Five

Adding the SEO Landing Page to your website dashboard is quite easy now and it's simple to copy and paste the content that you have already written. Log into your website dashboard and under the menu Tools select

SEO Tools


Then click Add SEO Page


Add the content you have created in the previous steps and save the page


Step Six

Link the new pages to your delivery page you created in Step One, the link will be shown on the page listing all your SEO Landing pages. That's it really, these pages will be indexed by the search engines over time and included in the search results. You can send your Adwords or other advertising directly to these pages if you would like if you are targeting the same keywords as the pages.

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