Mother's Day Marketing 101

Published: Monday 30 March 2015

Mother's Day Marketing 101

Mother's Day is the second largest event for florists to increase sales and profits, but it's often left to the last minute to prepare your website for the day. In this quick marketing guide we outline the minimum marketing activity that your should do to get your website ready and get people to purchase from you for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Landing Page & Products

The first and most important task to get done is to create and load your Mother's Day range on your website. If you are a member of one of the relay networks you can use their Mother's Day range, otherwise you can take and prepare your own range of Mother's Day products. Click here for a tutorial on adding a product category Click here for a tutorial on adding a product You don't need a huge range for Mother's Day just somewhere between 6 - 12 products is ideal.

Mother's Day Menu Item

It's also time of you to add the Mother's Day Menu to your main navigation menu of your website. You will probably need a hand doing this so give on of our team a call or enter a support request for a team member to do this for you. After Mother's Day we recommend that you keep your Mother's Day range linked for next year, but just link it from the footer of the website.

Mother's Day products on your homepage

Your homepage is most often the landing page for your website and for this reason you should make sure that you have some or all of your Mother's Day products on your homepage. We don't generally recommend that you replace all of your Homepage products with one category as this can reduce the sales conversion rate for non Mother's Day Sales. Click here for a tutorial on changing product category for your homepage Click here for a tutorial on adding products to your homepage

Mother's Day Banners & Mother's Day Marketing Message

You should have some sort of marketing Theme of Message for your Mother's Day Period and this should be carried over from your website to your physical store. You should have at least one banner created for your homepage and possibly also your Mother's Day Landing Page. We've updated the Free Banners for 2016 They can be the same banner if you like, but they can also be slightly different too. The homepage banner can encourage people to browse the Mother's Day Range whilst the Mother's Day Landing Page can encourage people to buy and not miss out. You can choose a message like: Don't miss out on Mother's Day flowers order by the 8th of May 2016 to have the flowers delivered on Mother's Day

Email Marketing for Mother's Day

Email marketing is a reliable mainstay for Mother's Day for florists. However it should be done sparingly. A good timetable would be: 4 weeks before Mother's Day 2 weeks and then 1 week. 3 Days 1 Day A good marketing email should have a compelling call to action more than simply Buy flowers for Mother's Day. Scarcity or fear of missing out works well: Only 20 days till Mother's Day' or Order now for your Mother's Day Flowers or miss out Another great example is to offer a discount for people booking flowers 4 weeks out rather than the week before.

Mother's Day PPC Advertising

Target your Google Adwords and Facebook advertising to target people looking for Mother's Day Flowers delivered in your area. You should use the Mother's Day Landing Page with your Mother's Day banner, marketing message and Mother's Day products as the target of your PPC advertising campaign.

Social Media

You should also remember to promote your Mother's Day range on your social media campaigns. The trick here is not be too over the top and annoy people with your Mother's Day promotions. Promote the Mother's Day holiday with banners, links to your website and Mother's Day range or if you have a particularly unique Mother's Day floral arrangement you can link to that too. This is really just the start of you Mother's Day online Marketing ideas for your online florist.

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