Updated eMail Marketing Feature

Published: Monday 23 January 2017

Updated eMail Marketing Feature

Just in time for Valentines Day we are updating the Email Newsletter feature in your website dashboard. To access the new feature log into your website dashboard and then go: Marketing -> Email Marketing -> My Newsletters

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 12.08.06 PM

If you have not already you may need to request that the feature is set up for you.  

5 pre-designed templates to choose

We have designed 5 templates for you to choose from to easily and quickly create a marketing email. Email Template One Email Template One is great if you have a lot of content or information that you are wanting promote, and still allows you to choose and promote 4 products.


Email Template Two Email Template two is similar to template one but is designed for less content, still with 4 products to promote to your customers!


Email Template Three The third email template is a purely a product promotion template. You can include 6 products and a catchy headline!


Email Template Four This great template allows you to promote 6 products but also to include some text and a catchy headline.


Email Template Five Email Template five allows you to promote three products, include some text And upload a banner to the email as well.


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