Choosing a Payment Gateway

Published: Friday 24 April 2015

Choosing a Payment Gateway

All e Commerce websites must have a way of accepting payment online. Accepting credit cards online is not difficult however there are some very stringent requirements that you must meet to Internet enable your merchant account. There are several steps to accept credit cards online through your own merchant facility securely and legally. We integrate with multiple different payment gateways including:


  eWay Stripe Paypal
Setup Fee $0 $0 $0
Monthly Fee 0 - $20 $0 $0
Processing Fees From 20 cents & 2.2% 30 cents 1.75 � 2.9% 30 cents 2.9%
Requires Merchant Account Both No No
Processes on Site Yes Yes No
Australian Yes No No


It's difficult to decide which payment gateway you should use as each has different pros and cons. Stripe is the easiest to setup and the customer stays on your website however they are an international company and you can only deal with them online. eWay is a trusted Australian company and can integrate directly with your existing credit card merchant account. However eWay can be involved to setup and can take a considerable amount of time. We normally recommend for customers transacting under $100,000 a year they choose a combination of Stripe and PayPal. Over $100,000 a year in transactions or where you want a higher level of support we suggest that you use eWay.

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