Setting up an Automated Email Asking for a Review on Google

Published: Monday 24 September 2018

Setting up an Automated Email Asking for a Review on Google

Your website dashboard can automatically send your customers a review request after the delivery date. It’s an exceptionally good way to improve your SEO rankings and gain valuable reviews for your business.

The reviews engine is simple to use and will check whether a customer has previously clicked the link to add a review and if so no email will be sent.

You also monitor the performance of the emails being set out and the number of times a customer clicks a link.  (this is not the same as how many people have left a review as some people may visit the page but not complete a review.

This tutorial assumes that have already created your Google Business Listing and it is live and active. If not, please do this first using this tutorial.

There are several steps involved in setting this email up:

  • Getting the link to your Google Review Page
  • Writing the subject and email to the customer
  • Setup the Feature in your Dashboard
  • Test the Email
  • Track the Results and Tweak accordingly

Getting the link to your Google Review Page

Go to this page: and in the map enter your business name to look for your Google Business Listing.

When your location loads a small box will be displayed with some information.  You need to grab the Place ID (highlighted)

Get your Google Place ID

Your link will then be:<place_id>

Test this link in a browser and make sure it takes you to the page for your Google Business Listing Reviews.  For example this is for Flower Store In a Box

Flower Store In a Box Google Reviews

Writing the subject and email to the customer

Writing a subject and email content to encourage people to click on the email and then take the time to write you a review is really important.

Crafting a catchy email subject

You can personalize the both the email and the subject with the customers name by inserting the code:


Although there are pros and cons of including the person’s name in the email.  But you should always include the name of your florist!

Some ideas for subjects might be:

  • So Drew what were the flowers like?
  • How was your recent shopping experience with Flowers Store In a Box?
  • You recently purchased flowers from Flower Store In a Box, how was the experience?
  • Thanks for buying, here’s a link to rate us

Here are a few links to cool resources on writing email subjects:

A few cautions:

  • Google Does not allow you to incentivize a Review IE you can’t offer someone a discount
  • Don’t USE ALL CAPS it’s like shouting at someone
  • Make sure it’s not too long and doesn’t feel spammy IE would you open this email?

Email Content Ideas

The actual email itself is very important as you have get the balance right of being persuasive but not rude or begging.  Some key points to keep in mind are:

  • Keep it simple and to the point
  • Reinforce your Brand
  • Be Personal
  • Don’t Beg

Ok so an example may be:

Hi Drew,

Thanks for your recent flower order from Flower Store In a Box we hope that we exceeded your expectations!

Can I please ask a favor would you please leave a review for us on Google.  It’s really simple all you need to do is click the button below and rate us.

Click Link to Rate Now

I really appreciate your time and if you would like to discuss anything about your recent order please contact via email or call me on 1300 730 560


Flower Store In a Box


Hi Drew,

You recently purchased with Flower Store In a Box.

Please help us improve by clicking the link below and rating us, it will only take 30 seconds

Click Here to rate now



Flower Store In a Box

Here are some resources for email body:

Setup the Feature in your Dashboard

Ok once you have written the emails and subject it’s time to turn on and configure the emails.

  • In your website dashboard go to the Marketing menu and click Send Customer Reviews
  • Click the checkbox Send Customer Reviews
  • Copy and paste the Place ID from Step One (just the place ID)
  • Enter how many days after the delivery date should the email be sent (1 is standard)
  • Copy and paste your email subject
  • If you want to use the already built email template click the box Use Mail Template
  • Enter your email bodyin the Main Body use the code InsertButton to insert the button link to the reviews.
  • Click Update Review Settings


If you have a designer building you an email template from scratch choose the option Edit Email as HTML and then save the form.  The rich text editor will be removed and you enter plain html.

If you do code your own template and want to use the tracking inbuilt in your dashboard you should use the code:

Test the Email

Ok now that you have set everything up it’s time to review and test the email.

  • Click the button Send Test Email
  • Enter your email address & name
  • Click send
  • Check the email

The test email will start with the subject name [TEST] so you know it’s a test email.

When the test email arrives review how it looks first and make sure there are no visual mistakes. Then click the link for the review and make sure it goes to the correct place.

Make any changes and you are then set!

Track the Results and Tweak accordingly

Like all marketing activities it’s a great idea to regularly look at the results you are getting from the campaign.  The key metrics will be:

  • Number of Emails being Sent
  • Number of customers clicking the link
  • Number of reviews you are getting in Google
Drew Wentzel

Drew Wentzel

Drew Wentzel is the principal of enflexion with over 25 years of experience in developing web services and software, Drew has helped design and develop usable and functionality rich Internet applications and built online presences for a wide variety of industries including retail, government, hospitality, lifestyle, corporate and technology companies.

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