Calculating Delivery Costs and Delivery Times

Published: Friday 9 April 2021

Calculating Delivery Costs and Delivery Times

With the new feature updates on Flower Store In a Box you can now configure your website to be even more specific for accepting orders and charging for delivery.

  • The new delivery calculations include:
  • Quickly hide or unhide a delivery suburb
  • Mark a suburb as not available for Same Day Delivery
  • Have a different cut off for a suburb for Same Day Delivery
  • Offer Delivery Times based on date and time of day
  • Add Weekend Surcharges
  • Add an additional surcharge for a specific date or charge a specific blanket delivery cost for a specific date.

So how do these work in the real world?

Removing Suburbs Temporarily

Sometimes for whatever reason you may be unable to deliver to a suburb.  For example the recent floods cut off some areas for a few days in Australia.  Normally you would delete the suburb from the list here:

Settings :: Delivery Costs :: Manage the Suburb Charges Here

You can now click to make the suburb invisible, and then when you are able to deliver to that suburb again you can make it visible again!

Simply click the Green Visible Button to change to Invisible

Make Suburbs Visible or Invisible

To make it Visible again click the grey Not Displayed Button.

Controlling Same Day Delivery Suburbs

Your website will have a site wide Same Day Cutoff time that you set under:

Checkout Settings :: Cart Ordering Settings

From this screen you can set a different time for cut off for each day of the week.

With the update you can now update each suburb with a different same day cut off time UP TO the site wide Same Day Cut Off Time.

Settings :: Delivery Costs :: Manage the Suburb Charges Here

So say for instance that your delivery area span a huge area or you have a different couriers for different areas that pickup from your store at different times.

Click the Suburb you would like to edit

If you would like a different same day cut off choose the hour from the drop down OR

If you would like to make the suburb not available Same Day click the box.

It’s as simple as that to configure the locations!

Setting Custom Delivery Times

You can set up custom delivery times for your customers to choose from as well.  These can then be configured based on:

  • Same day Availability
  • Cut off times for same day
  • Whether it’s charged in addition to the delivery fee or instead of the normal deliver fee.
  • Whether it’s available Saturday or Sunday

For example say you offer an Express Delivery Option for same day deliveries before 11AM for an additional $20.

You would add a Delivery time

Name is “Express Same Day Delivery

Amount: 20

Check the box “Available Same day

Choose the cutoff time 11

Check the boxes to make it available for Saturday or Sunday.

You can also make special delivery times that are only available to be chosen when you do a manual order as well.

Another example would be a Special Morning Delivery Before 11AM for and additional $20

You would add a Delivery time

Name is “Special Morning Delivery Before 11AM

Amount: 20

Check the boxes to make it available for Saturday or Sunday.

That’s it!

Weekend Surcharges

Quite often couriers and your normal drivers will charge more for deliveries on the weekends.

It’s easy to add wither a fixed additional cost or an additional cost based on the existing delivery charge.

For example say you charge $20 to deliver to the Suburb.

If you entered a 50% surcharge the delivery fee would be:

$30  = $20 (P) $10;

If you wanted to charge a flat additional cost of say $15 the new delivery cost would be:

$35 = $20 $15.

Settings :: Weekend Delivery Surcharges

Charging a Date Surcharge or New Delivery Cost

You can charge a specific cost on a specific date and can have the charge as an additional cost on the total order or as a replacement of the existing delivery cost.

Say for example of Mother’s Day you wanted to charge an additional $10 Mother’s Day Surcharge.

Settings :: Date Surcharges

Enter the name of the Surcharge (this is visible in the shopping cart)

Amount: $20

If you want to charge instead of the delivery cost check the box

Lastly select the date

Drew Wentzel

Drew Wentzel

Drew Wentzel is the principal of enflexion with over 25 years of experience in developing web services and software, Drew has helped design and develop usable and functionality rich Internet applications and built online presences for a wide variety of industries including retail, government, hospitality, lifestyle, corporate and technology companies.

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