Christmas Settings for Florist Websites 2023

Published: Monday 4 December 2023

Christmas Settings for Florist Websites 2023

Although the Christmas season may not be a significant event for online florists, there are still several activities you should undertake to prepare your website for the holidays. Additionally, there are excellent marketing ideas that you can implement. If you haven't done so already, please select a banner from our Christmas banner library for your website. Here's a high-level list of tasks for you to consider!

  • Christmas Landing page & productsChristmas Navigation
  • Christmas products on your homepage
  • Christmas Banners & Christmas Marketing Message
  • Block Delivery Dates
  • Limit your delivery area for Christmas
  • Limit the products available
  • Add a surcharge for specific dates.
  • Pop Up notices for holiday hours
  • Email marketing
  • Socal media Marketing

Christmas Landing Page & Products

The first and most important task is creating and adding your Christmas products to your website. Don't worry if you don't have a specific Christmas product range; you can repurpose other products. Plants, hampers, and Addons are all great Christmas products for your customers to choose to send as gifts.



You don't need a vast range for Christmas. Just somewhere between 6 - 12 products are ideal.

Christmas Navigation

If you haven’t already, you should add the Christmas Flowers link to your website's main navigation. After Christmas, we recommend you keep your Christmas range linked for next year but link it from the website's footer.  This will ensure that your SEO rankings for this page will not be lost.

Christmas products on your homepage

Your homepage is often the most critical landing page for your website, so you should make sure that you have a curated selection of your Christmas products on your homepage. We recommend that you replace only some of your Homepage products with one category, as this can reduce the sales conversion rate for non-Christmas Sales.

Christmas Banners & Christmas Marketing Message

Add a Christmas banner to your website, but be mindful that most people who visit your website will not be looking for Christmas Flowers! Only show the banner in the two weeks leading up to the Christmas Holiday.  And of course, don’t forget it has to come down immediately after Christmas!

Ideally, your Christmas banner should contain a targeted marketing message:

Can’t be there this Christmas? Send Flowers

We are open right the way through the Christmas season.

Christmas Banners 2022 for Florists

Block Delivery Dates

Make sure you block the delivery dates you will be closed and not accepting deliveries.  It’s also an idea to update your social media accounts with this information and add it to your homepage and contact page.

This can also be a marketing opportunity for you if you are opening.  Why not remind them that you “Are still open for online deliveries”?

Limit your delivery area for Christmas

If you stay open over Christmas and will only deliver to a limited area, you can make some suburbs “invisible” so people cannot choose these suburbs.

Limit the products available

If you want a limited range available over Christmas, create a restricted category and add these products.  This is useful if you are not getting fresh flowers regularly or anticipate other supply issues.

Add a surcharge for specific dates.

You can add a surcharge for delivery on specific dates if your costs are higher than usual.

Pop Up notices

If you are going to be closed, why not use a POP-UP to tell people you will be closed?  It’s much better to warn people that you aren’t answering your phone or accepting orders for specific dates rather than them calling and calling with no answer.

eMail Marrketing for the festive season

Sending emails to your customer base is an excellent method to highlight festive season specials and provide information about your opening and closing times. This allows you to promote last-minute gifts for loved ones or suggest festive floral arrangements for customers to treat themselves.

Drew Wentzel

Drew Wentzel

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