Comparing Flower Store In a Box

Published: Friday 8 April 2016

Comparing Flower Store In a Box

One of the most common questions we get asked by people considering Flower Store In a Box for their floristry website is how to compare a quote from another web developer against one of our packages.. My answer is always the same that it's almost impossible to compare what we offer to someone else. From a purely cost basis, our product includes all the functionality and features that you require to run a proper, successful online florist. Selling flowers online is not like selling any other product online and there are many features that you require. For example take an ecommerce website that is listed at say $3000, then when you ask for custom features that are ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED the price starts to rise.

Custom Floral Features Required All Cost Extra! For online floral sales you need the following custom features:

Customers need to be able to select a date for the delivery that will be an extra $500
You will need to be able to block dates because you don't work on Sundays, Saturdays, Public Holidays etc. $500
You need to cut-off times for same day delivery $500
You need a separate cut-off times for days you close early or late $500
You need a special card message for the order, because it's a gift and not coming to you! $500
You need to limit the words they can enter for the card message or you will end up writing thousands of lines for each card $500
You need an authority to leave message in case someone is not home $500
You need to have different delivery costs for different suburbs, because the courier costs more the further the distance and the order isn't calculated on weight or size $500
You want to limit the delivery area so people can only order from your local area that you can physically deliver to. $500
You need an option for in store pickup that doesn't charge the delivery cost because people do want to pick up their special order $500
At special occasions you need to stop orders as you are so busy you cannot possibly make any more Valentines Day or Mothers Day orders $500
You want to up-sell the customer with chocolates, teddy bears etc without making them click through multiple pages $500
You need to manage your orders and create run sheets based on the date of delivery $500
Total $10,000

So by now the cheap ecommerce website with the features required for an online florist is already well over $10,000 and that's even before you have started the all important design phase or even tried to explain how florists work online.

We've written every line of our software ourselves Most web development companies will sell you an open source shopping cart, IE it's free and prone to regular patches, security threats and updates. The problem is as soon as you customise the open source software you either cannot patch security flaws OR every time the update the software the website breaks and you end up spending even more money having it fixed. When we update your software we know it's going to work without issues, because we own our own code and control the process. If a bug is found we fix it and then share it to you and check your site as part of the service.

We uniquely understand how online floristry works Because we have almost 15 years experience in the industry we are the experts in the field. We know implicitly what does and does not work for online floristry sales. We've used that to build and upgrade our software and when we design your site we know what will work for you!

Selling Flowers is not like selling shoes We know how people interact with floristry websites and understand what they expect to see and what they don't want to see. Our software has bee built based on years of testing and experience. We also know that if someone does come to your site and they don't have the features they expect THEY WILL GO TO YOUR COMPETITOR! Online flower sales is a contextual sales process, there is generally no large amount of online research or price comparisons. Customers will visit a site and decide quickly if they trust the site. Then once they attempt to buy and checkout, if it's made too difficult for them they will leave. That's why our shopping cart experience is so very simple.

We provide excellent ongoing relevant support Because we working in online floristry we know that Valentines and Mothers Days are some of the most important periods of the year for floristry. We assist you by reminding you of the steps for cost effective marketing of your business and then we provide you with banners, email templates and support to help you market your website for these periods. We're constantly adding new features tour software that you get Technology changes quickly as do the way people do things online. Whilst we can't redesign your website as part of your ongoing support. Instead we are constantly working on our software so your website is better and you can more easily manage your business. We have an 18 month total upgrade cycle so your dashboard is always up to date!

Order Management for Florists not for shoe stores Our order management dashboard has been built for managing floral sales not selling shoes. Editing orders because delivery address change, or relaying an order to another florist is not a problem, Creating run sheets for delivery or running reports on future orders to be made is all very easy and can be done with a few clicks of the mouse or finger on a mobile tablet.

It's impossible to truly compare us to anyone else We know we are good value and have the industry leading product that can help you run a profitable online florist store. Just from a cost point of view we are actually cheaper than anyone else because all the features you need are already included! Then we save you money over the life of your website by not needing to pay for costly fixes when patches need to be applied. We help you make money by giving your relevant marketing advice and actual real things like banners and email templates. We constantly improve our features and services as new technologies and services become available to make you more profitable.

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