Increasing sales conversion rates on your florist website

Published: Tuesday 7 July 2020

Increasing sales conversion rates on your florist website

Not all visitors to your florist website will buy something, in fact for general ecommerce it’s less than 2% and slighting higher at 3% for florists.  So that’s only 1 in 50 people who will buy something from your website even though some of those other people want to order something but don’t.

Granted many visitors to your site have no intention of buying flowers, they will have come for a totally different reason.  They may have googled a type of flower that appears on your website for growing information. 

That’s fine you can ignore those non sales visitors.

You want to target the visitors to your website who haven’t purchased but want to purchase, so here are 7 quick ways you can increase your sales conversion rate!

What’s different about florist customers?

Florist ecommerce customers are not the same as generalized ecommerce customers buying a TV online.  Buying  a TV online you can compare other sites on price for the exact same model.  Or use an aggregate site like Google Shopping to find the best price without even visiting the other websites.

There are important magic sauce factors for ecommerce florist customers which are:

Time is a factor in their purchase

A Birthday, Anniversary etc happens on a specific date, the customer needs to have their order delivered to the recipient on that date.  Not some unknown date in 4 – 7 days time.

Ability to deliver is paramount

The ability to actually deliver the product to the recipient physically is of huge importance, they want to know that a delivery driver can actually physically complete their order.

Price comparisons are difficult

It’s difficult to compare products between florists so price and perceived value are difficult to compare.  Value is perceived through the product images instead and ability to deliver.

How do you increase the sales conversion.

1. The site must be easy to use and work

The most important thing is to have an easy to use website that works!  Yes, your floral arrangements might be bespoke and unique.  But if a visitor has to guess how to order and follow an arduous ordering process they will go elsewhere.

2. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel

Visitor expect that your website layout will essentially look similar to something they have experience with before.  IE

  • Cart
  • Search
  • Home
  • Shop by
  • Etc

3. Make your Delivery Suburbs easy to find

If we look at how visitors interact with a florist website one of the most commonly used pages is the delivery page.  Make this page easy to find, put it in the main menu!

But also make this page easy to read for the visitor and list the suburbs you delivery to.

4. Make your same day cut off time obvious

If you have a same day cut off for orders make this obvious on your website.  You can even use a count down to show how much time is left for same day orders.

Make sure your website does NOT accept orders you can’t fulfil, whether same day delivery or suburb.

5. If you charge delivery be upfront about your delivery costs

There is nothing worse than ordering something and then finding out that the delivery cost is huge!  Allow your customers to calculate delivery costs before starting an order.

6. Don’t add additional costs without being transparent

It’s ok to charge a surcharge for deliveries on a public holiday or Sunday etc.  But make sure that these are spilt out explicitly on the site before the orders process starts.

7. Don’t make people join your website or provide more information than necessary

Under no circumstances force customers to provide more information than you actually require, and never ever force them to sign up to your website to buy something.

So that’s it, seven things that you can do on your florist website to increase your sales conversion rate!

A Flower Store In a Box website can do all of these things for you and we are proven to help our customers increase their sales conversion rates!




Drew Wentzel

Drew Wentzel

Drew Wentzel is the principal of enflexion with over 25 years of experience in developing web services and software, Drew has helped design and develop usable and functionality rich Internet applications and built online presences for a wide variety of industries including retail, government, hospitality, lifestyle, corporate and technology companies.

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