Your Site Speed Increased

Published: Monday 24 April 2017

Your Site Speed Increased

Quite often we do a whole lot of work on our software and ecommerce platform under the hood.It's not something you can see like a great new features for you to use, but it's important to the overall health of your website. Over the last several months we have been investing time & effort into making our software run your website faster. Site Speed is a major factor for Google's Search Engine Rankings and we are always looking for ways to improve the performance of your websites. To achieve increases in speed we have rewritten portions of the code that your website uses to be more efficient.

Speed Results

From the two primary tools we use to review speed scores, we have found that for GtMetrix we are all now in the Green above 90 & 80%. For Google Speed Insights we have increased the scores by at least 30% which is outstanding!

From a Technical Perspective

The main work that we have done is the order in which certain items load on the page, we have moved scripts that are not essential to the first view of the page to load after the rest of the elements have been added. We have also move scripts that are only needed during a specific process (checkout, cart summary etc) to be loaded when these pages are displayed.

Image Optimization

Lossless image optimsation is also now automated for new images and products. Existing images and products can be optimized through the dashboard read more here.

Before Optimisation 88KB

After Optimisation 66KB


Combined JavaScript Files and New Custom JavaScript File

Where practical we have deferred the loading and the moved all the JavaScript files that comprise the core of the software to one file (which is better for loading). And we now have a way for a custom JavaScript file be embedded into the code in a way that does not slow down the loading of the site. [caption id="attachment_513" align="aligncenter" width="586"]

Code Changes Deferring scripts and codes

Where will we go next?

There are still a large number of things that can be done to further speed optimize your website and make it faster. These changes are mainly changes that can be done to all our websites. Moving forward if you would like to further optimize the site speed simply give our friendly team a message and we can discuss how to make your website faster.

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