Is your florist SEO on track?

Published: Monday 25 March 2019

Is your florist SEO on track?

If you run an online business there are three ways to drive traffic to your site:

  1. Paid Advertising
  2. Search Engine Advertising
  3. Social Media

By and far the best long term option for consistent traffic to your site is Search Engine Optimisation, if done right this will deliver long term visitors to your website.  But it’s difficult to know if your SEO is actually working or not.

Here’s a quick list of how you can track whether or not your SEO is actually working for your website:

  1. Organic Traffic
  2. Organic Conversions
  3. Keyword Rankings
  4. Local Business Visibility
  5. Landing Page Metrics

There are a whole lot more metrics you can use to track your SEO such as:

  • Backlinks
  • Google Index
  • Bounce Rate
  • Crawl Errors
  • On site Content issues

All of this requires that you are using Google Analytics to keep an eye on the performance of your website.  If you are not using this FREE tool you should start right away!

  1. Organic Traffic

The number one metric you should be reviewing is how much traffic to my website am I getting from organic traffic?

This is defined as how many people are coming to your website from search engine traffic where you have no paid for the placement.

Organic Traffic metrics

The more traffic you get from organic search the better.

  1. Organic Conversions

The next step is to see whether or not the visitors you are going through the organic traffic are actually making you money.

In floristry conversion could be:

  • Phone Call
  • Online Sale
  • Wedding / Event Enquiry
  • Joining a mailing list.

We know through significant experience that about 50% of conversion for florists actually happen over the phone.  So it may well be useful to keep a manual track of where people found you if they call you on the phone.

Organic Conversions

  1. Keyword Rankings

Another important way to track your SEO campaign is to track the ranking of the keywords you are actively working towards.

There are a number of free and paid tools on the market but can also simply type the keyword into google and see where you are on the organic list.

The ranking will change constantly so don’t be too alarmed if it moves up and down one or two spots every day.

  1. Local Business Visibility

Most florists target specific geographic areas and this is known as Geotarget (have a read of our article here)

To review how your SEO is doing Google the following:

Your Business Name

  1. Is your website the first that comes up?
  2. Does your Google Business Listing come up?

The Suburb of your business and the words flowers / florist

  1. Does your website come up?
  2. Is it the number 1 link?

If someone else is higher in the rankings for your suburb - flowers or florist that means you need to do more work to convince Google that YOU are the most relevant website.

5. Landing Page Metrics

Moving on from the local business visible, you should also check how your landing pages are performing.

Landing pages on a florist website can be a mix of Product Categories such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day Sympathy Flowers etc to the SEO Suburb Landing Page.

If you have created SEO Suburb Landing Pages then you should be tracking several things:

  • Are the keywords ranking in Google?
  • What are the conversions from these page?

There are a whole lot of other more complex metrics that you can use to work out how your SEO is working for you.  But the 5 items above will tell you the most about the actual performance of your SEO campaign.

Are you interested in finding out if we can help you with your SEO? Why not contact us.

Drew Wentzel

Drew Wentzel

Drew Wentzel is the principal of enflexion with over 25 years of experience in developing web services and software, Drew has helped design and develop usable and functionality rich Internet applications and built online presences for a wide variety of industries including retail, government, hospitality, lifestyle, corporate and technology companies.

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