Innovative Marketing Florists

Published: Friday 9 January 2015

Innovative Marketing Florists

Valentines Day is the most important day of the year for florists and it's important that you have a good solid marketing campaign to take maximum advantage of the period! In addition to the minimum marketing and website

Do a deal with local restaurants for Meal and Flower Valentines Deals

Valentines Day is a boom for restaurants with couples having a lovely romantic dinner out at their favorite or new restaurant. Florists can quite easily piggy back on this and do a deal with their local restaurants for special meal plus flower deals. This works not just on the night to increase your own sales but also gets you free guerilla marketing opportunities. Just ask the restaurant to include your business name / website address in their advertising. IE: Valentines Day 3 Course Meal for two with FREE one dozen red roses from XYZ florist! It also means that you can better plan for the Valentines Day period and know how many of each product to order early.

Offer early bird deals

In marketing there are a few tried and tested methods of getting customers to buy. One of them is to offer discounts, but not just any discounts, offer an early Bird Discount where you play on the psychology of selling:

  • Discounting
  • Scarcity (you might run out)
  • Pre Planning

You could run a campaign of a different percent discount every week before Valentines Day, or add value to an order such as:

  • Free bottle of wine with order
  • Upgrade the order to more flowers / vase etc

Again being able to plan ahead and know how much stock you need and have everything pre made for the day is a big bonus.

Make a big deal about cut off dates and times for Valentines Day Orders

Do your customers have FOMO or FEAR OF MISSING OUT? I bet they do and if you want to drive pre ordering sales make a very big deal out of the risk of missing out on getting their loved one's flower delivery this Valentines Day drive the message home! Tell them if they don't book early there are no guarantees on Valentines Day Delivery!

Valentines Day Flowers to your customers!

And really importantly don't forget that those people who walk in the door every day will probably be interested in your Valentines Day products as well. In addition to serving your walk in customers why not ask them if they need to preorder a valentines day arrangement? It only takes a moment to ask and could potentially increase your sales dramatically!

Valentines Day Flowers for Pets!

It's not only the two legged ones we love that get Valentines Day gifts, our four legged friends are also the recipient of many Valentines Day Gifts and it's not as silly as it sounds! Over 8 Million households in Australia have a pet making us one of the most pet friendly countries in the world. We spend an average of $780 Million on pampering our pets each year so it makes sense to include our pampered pooches and pussies. And it's a great way of having someone buy themselves a great Valentines Day gift on the sly when it's ostensibly for their pet and not them.

Some of the quick ideas are:

  • Catnip Valentine Treats for Cats
  • Toys and Flowers for Dogs
  • Luxury pet hampers and flowers for you!

Pet Friendly Flowers and plants

Be careful though many plants and flowers are highly toxic for dogs and cats, check these out below:  

Drew Wentzel

Drew Wentzel

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