Mothers Day Marketing - Setting Up your florist website

Published: Monday 17 April 2023

Mothers Day Marketing - Setting Up your florist website

Mother's Day Marketing for Florists 2023 Edition!

Without a doubt, Mother's Day is one of most important sales events for your florist.  So it's extremely important to make sure that your website is set up correctly in the lead up to this day.  

In this guide I outline some of the more important ideas for managing your florist website in the lead up to Mother's Day including:

  • Creating Profitable Products.
  • Create Products for as many budgets as you can
  • Create Product Bundles
  • Set targets based on delivery numbers and stock availability
  • Block a date for deliveries but still allow in-store pickup
  • Publish Specific Delivery Information for Mother's Day
  • SMS Customer Notifications
  • Add all orders to your dashboard
  • Consider turning off Review Requests for a few days before and after Mothers Day
  • Website Basics 101 for Mother's Day 101!

Every florist is different in how they like to set up their Mothers Day orders.  Some will concentrate on pre-orders only and close off same day orders for Mothers Day, whilst others will keep their website open the entire period.

This comes down to the specifics of your business, stock availability, staffing, availability of drivers etc.

No matter what your specific business needs are you can configure your site to suit your business needs.

You should be setting your specific business rules out NOW way in advance of the date!

Creating Profitable Products.

Roses are always more expensive in the lead up to Mother's Day, as is the cost of deliveries as the demand for drivers is at a peak.  You should make sure that your Mother's Day products are priced correctly and think about restrcting orders to only the products in your Mother's Day Range.

In the lead up to the Mother's Day you can also have "dynamic pricing" IE offer specials and discounts for customers who pre-order, then slowly increase the prices for those people who leave it later.

Create Products for as many budgets as you can

It's always great to sell higher value products, but it's also useful to have some products at a lower entry point for customers.  The obvious choice is the single red rose, but you can have other lower cost products as well.

Iit's not though just the budget products either, make sure you have a seriously "wow" product for that customer who really wants to make an impact.  These extravagent products are only rarely sold, but having a product of say 100 Red Roses in your mix is certainly interesting! 

Create Product Bundles

Consider creating product bundles of things like:

  • Roses
  • Chocolate
  • Teddy Bear

This is epspcially useful if you choose to restrict orders to a specific category and don't want to allow addons to be ordered.

Set targets based on delivery numbers and stock availability

If you have issues with stock availabillity, staffing and drivers there is a limit to the number of orders that you can physcially make and or dellivery for the date.  Work out what this is in advance and keep a close eye on this.

Calculating the total number of deliveries available

For example if you have 4 delivery drivers and each delivery driver can do 15 deliveries in a four hour shift (that's a lot):

4 x Delivery Drivers

2 x Shifts per day

15 x deliveries per shift

Total deliveries for the day is 90 deliveries for the day.

One of the key takeaways is if you cannot physcially deliver any more orders for a day, stop accepting orders!  

Block a date for deliveries but still allow in-store pickup

One of the brand new features released this year is the ability to block a date for deliveries but still allow 

Publish Specific Delivery Information for Mother's Day

Mother's Day always has specific issues about deliveries, and these should be clearly communicated to your customers, whether you add extra delivery information on your Mother's Day range or update your delivery policy.  You need to make sure your customers are kept well informed.

SMS Customer Notifications 

From an end customer's perspective, clear consistent communication about their order is paramount, especially for a day like Mothers Day.

We highly recommend using the inbuilt SMS Notifications and setting the SMS's for:

  • Thanks for your order
  • Order will be delivered today
  • Order will be available for pickup today
  • Order is on Route
  • Order has been delivered

This will reduce the number of phone calls from customers asking where their specific order is or when it will be delivered etc.  This keeps the phone line open for people who want to order over the telephone.

Add all orders to your dashboard

The best way of managing your orders is to enter them all in the dashboard so you can track them all.   Either through creating a manual order or Quick Order!

you can then use the simple or adavnaced workflow with allt he bells and whistles for your business.

Consider turning off Review Requests for a few days before and after Mothers Day

This is a controversial suggestion, but consider turning off your automated Google Review requests for a few days before and after the 14th.  Deliveries will go wrong, recipients will not be available, mistakes get made in the heat of the day.

Website Basics 101 for Mother's Day 101!

This is a quick guide to setting your florist up for the Mother's Day period regarding marketing and general business tasks.

Mother's Day Landing Page & Products

The first and most important task is creating and adding your Mother's Day products to your website. Almos all Flower Store in a Box websites will already have the category and for many existing florist you will already have products, you will just need to edit then with updated pricing.



You don't need a vast range for Mother's Day. Just somewhere between 6 - 12 products is ideal.

Mother's Day Navigation

If you haven’t already, you should add the Mother's Day Flowers link to your website's main navigation. After Mother's Day, we recommend you keep your Mother's Day range linked for next year but link it from the website's footer.  This will ensure that your SEO rankings for this page will not be lost.

Mother's Day products on your homepage

Your homepage is often the most critical landing page for your website, so you should make sure that you have a curated selection of your Mother's Day products on your homepage. We recommend that you replace only some of your Homepage products with one category, as this can reduce the sales conversion rate for non-Mother's Day Sales.

Mother's Day Banners & Mother's Day Marketing Message

Add a Mother's Day banner to your website, but be mindful that most people who visit your website will not be looking for Mother's Day Flowers! Only show the banner in the two weeks leading up to the Mother's Day Holiday.  And of course, don’t forget it has to come down immediately after Mother's Day!

Mother`s Day Banners 2023 for Florists

Inventory Management

If you have limited stock available then you should set inventory levels and set each product in your range to go out of stock once the inventiory levels have been depleted.

Limit your delivery area for Mother's Day

You may want to deliver to a limited area for Mother's Day , you can make some suburbs “invisible” so people cannot choose these suburbs. for the period leading up the date.  You can also block specific suburbs from being available for the Mother's Day Period!

Limit the products available

If you want a limited range available over Mother's Day, create a restricted category and add these products.  This is useful if you are not getting fresh flowers regularly or anticipate other supply issues.

Add a surcharge for specific dates.

It's generally anticapted that delivery charges will be more 

Pop Up notices

If you are going to be closed, why not use a POP-UP to tell people you will be closed?  It’s much better to warn people that you aren’t answering your phone or accepting orders for specific dates rather than them calling and calling with no answer.


Drew Wentzel

Drew Wentzel

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