Published: Friday 19 March 2021

The manual order interface has been totally rebuilt to make it easier to use and more tablet friendly as well!  We have removed the cut off times and suburb restrictions for the manual orders so you can choose to enter orders that you might not normally allow on your website.

In Store / Delivery

In Store Pickup

If you choose the In Store Pickup the screen will remove all the delivery address information and just ask for customer name and customer pickup name / phone number.

It also integrates with the pickup time options and these are based on your new pickup date and times.

Choose Pickup Time

This activates when you choose the pickup date

Delivery & Delivery Costs

When you choose delivery and enter the address the software will automatically calculate the delivery cost for you.

You also have the option of choosing delivery times the same as your website and you can have internal only delivery costs as well.

You can also overwrite the delivery cost if you need to charge something totally custom for a specific order!

Also integrates with weekend or date surcharges


You can now search for a product by name and view all your product categories in on easy spot. When you search for a product the results will be show on the screen as you type.

Adding a generic product

You can create a generic product for example if someone calls in and wants $100 of florist choice flowers!


Searching for existing customers is easy or you can add a new customer as you create the order.

For existing customers you are also able to quickly view their past orders all in one spot.

The software integrates with credit notes for customers and will also calculate members discounts as well.


You can choose to enter the credit card and use your payment gateway on the website or accept payment in store by card or cash and still process the order!

The delivery address can be further configured with:

  • Suite
  • Recipient type for Hospitals, Schools and Hotels
  • Address Type

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