Inbuilt SEO Tools and Compliance

With Search Engine Optimsiation being one of the most important marketing techniques for florists it’s natural that we would make SEO one of the main features of Flower Store In a Box.

There are many facets to what makes good SEO but in essence there are several main factors that we can influence:

  • Quality, Relevance & Uniqueness of online Content
  • Technical adherence to structure of Computer Code
  • Quality of Website
  • Mobile Responsiveness or mobile accessibility

Whilst we cannot write your content for you we have tools to assist you with content and ensure the quality of the website.

SEO Suburb Landing Pages

You can create keyword rich landing pages easily using Flower Store in a Box. You can even use the same Homepage template over and over again to make special keyword landing pages, then when you change your homepage all of the landing pages will change too!

On Site Optimisation Report

A report can be generated that identifies SEO problems with your page content. These include:

  • Missing Meta Titles
  • Titles that are too long or too short
  • Missing Meta Descriptions
  • Meta Descriptions that are too long or too short
  • Duplicate Meta Titles
  • Duplicate Meta Descriptions
  • Missing or thin content

On Page Real Time SEO Tools

We’ve also made it easier for you to edit and create perfect content on your pages. A colour coded indicator will show you whether you are missing content, need to improve the content with more or less characters.

Red – Missing or too short

Orange – Content too Long or too Short

Green – Content OK

Site Speed

The speed of your site is of significant importance for Google to view the quality of your site. To ensure that your site speed is good we have built the site software with speed issues in mind.  We defer scripts were recommended, we optimize your product and other images.

Quality of Website

Quality of website means the way the code is structure for best SEO practices.  One every page we make sure that the following key code structure is met:

Canonical link to tell Google to correct URL to the page

  • Meta Title
  • Meta description
  • Heading one

Mobile Responsiveness

Google undertakes a “mobile first” search engine strategy, this means that they will value pages that are correctly coded to be viewed correctly on mobile devices more highly than pages not optimized.

All websites we design are mobile optimized.

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