Customer Management

Managing your customers once they have joined your site is as important as getting them their in the first place!  We’ve built some really cool tools for you to manage your customers and their experience with your website.

Of course you can do all the normal things you would expect like:

  • Add Customer
  • Edit Customer
  • Email Customer

Add Notes to a Customer Record

You can easily add notes to a customers record and then view the notes at any time.  This is particularly useful if you have repeat customers that have special requirements.

Take Orders on behalf of your customers

Using the Manual Order dashboard you can quickly look up and existing customer and start an order for them.  All the billing details are pre-filled for you and all you have to enter is the recipient details and delivery date.

Add Credit Notes

You can give customers credits towards their next order in lieu of refunds or to reward them.  It will automatically debit down the amount as they spend it.

Identify High Value Customers

You can identify customers who have ordered multiple times or have sent the most money so you can reward them.

Segment Customers

You can segment customers into different members groups and allocate them different discount amounts for ordering.

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