Flower Store In a Box is Extensively Customizable

Flower Store In a Box has been developed so it can be extensively customized both from the way your website looks and the extra features that you want to have customized for your particular business.

Visual Customization

Your website itself can be designed to look the way you want, whether that’s the color scheme, navigation, images and the like.  The visual identity of your website is up to your own specific tastes.

The design of the Product Page the product feed etc can all be customized to suite your specific ideas.

Localisation, Language and Country

We can customise your Flower Store In a Box website to your specific country with the following:

  • Language
  • Currency
  • Sales Tax
  • Date / Time

Ecommerce Funnel

We can also customize every step of the ecommerce funnel for you if you would like. The ecommerce funnel includes:

  • Cart Summary Page
  • Checkout Page
  • Payment Page
  • Thank You Page

When we do this we put the elements into what is known as a “custom bucket” which quarantines it from the core of the software.  This is very important as we regularly update the core of our software and these updates will not affect your custom elements.

Custom Web Hooks

In addition to being able to customize the visual elements of the site and the ecommerce funnel, we can also add custom features at specific web events that are called “web hooks”.  The web hooks in Flower Store In a Box include:

  • When a product is added to the shopping cart
  • When the checkout is saved
  • For Delivery Cost calculations
  • On the payment option page
  • On the thank you page

The sorts of things that may be added are things such as a validation of a special offer for a specific date / location only.  Or you may want to add in an extra giveaway like a Free Chocolates of a Free vase.

This is done using web hooks and mean that we can add in custom features just for your site that do not affect the rest of the software!

Further information on customization can be found here

Share Data with Our API

You can share your order data with our easy to use API, you may for example if you want to export all financial data to your finance system you can set up the API to do this for you.  The API can also be integrated with a variety of third party solutions to:

  • Search and view Order Details
  • Update Order Status
  • Search Customers.
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