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Iphone application for florist websiteFlower Store in a Box iPhone App for your florist has been designed to increase your sales and capture the growth market of mobile applications.

Your florist's iPhone Application will have an icon that is always on their screen so they can always find you.

And the ability to send push iOS Notifications for marketing and status updates, makes the app the perfect way to keep in touch with your customers.

App features

Here are just some of the amazing features of the iPhone Application.

  • Customised Start Up Screen
  • Products Sync with Website
  • Native Iphone Functionality
  • Simplified Checkout Process
  • Includes all Regular Website Features (Members Login, Discount Coupons etc.)

Products are easy to order with the iPhone Application, and will show the same price and colour options as on your own website

iPhone App Product Screen
iPhone App Product Screen - Price Options
Iphone application for florist website

Checkout features

App Checkout built specifically for Flower Sales

  • Delivery Date Lookup
  • Special Delivery Instructions
  • Integrated with your iPhone Contacts
  • Card Message

Customisation of the App includes home screen, marketing message, product small and product main.

Frugal Flower iPhone App
Urban Flower iPhone App
Florist Gump iPhone App

Cart Summary includes full integration with your existing delivery options and integrates with Credit Notes and Members Discounts

iPhone App Cart Summary Screen
iPhone App Cart Edit Item Screen - Price Options

Easy to select a delivery date, looks up your existing business rules for same day delivery cut off, Blocked Dates and Incorrect Date Formats

iPhone App - Choose Delivery Date
iPhone App - Choose Delivery Date - Blocked dates
iPhone App - Choose Delivery Date - past Dates

Easy to use, integrated with Facebook for single sign on and allows customers to use their own Contacts for Billing & Recipient Details, saving time entering information

iPhone App Signup with Facebook
iPhone App use your own contacts

Fully integrated with your website and managed through your existing dashboard, edit and add pages of content, move and edit your product categories

iPhone App - Manage the menus & categories from your dashboard
iPhone App - View Past Orders
iPhone App - members integarted with your website

iOS Notificiations for Order Status. Marketing Notifications to promote individual products and product categories

iPhone App - Notifications
iPhone App - Notifications
iPhone App - Notifications

The App is available as an Upgrade to your existing website if you are already a Flower Store In a Box customer or you can purchase the new Innovator Package with full end to end ecommerce, mobile, social media and app solution!

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