Inbuilt Online Marketing Tools for Florists

Having a great website is fantastic but it’s vitally important that you market your website so people can find you.  Flower Store In a Box provides a number of excellent inbuilt FREE marketing tools to assist.

We know from vast experience that the three best ways to attract customers to your florist website are:

  1. Google AdWords
  2. Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Integration
  3. Email Marketing

Then once customers are on the site the best way to encourage them to buy is though:

  1. Discount Coupons
  2. Special Offers for Members
  3. Members Discounts.
  4. Segment and Manage Customers

So we have built our marketing tools around these 6 key tactics.  For all of our SEO Tools and compliance head over to our page about SEO and Flower Store in a Box.

Google Analytics Integration

Google is by and far the gold standard for tracking visitors to your website and we have very tightly integrated the Google Analytics code for ecommerce tracking and event tracking.  This means you can accurately analyze where your traffic is coming from and also your site performance through Google Site Console.

Intgerate with Advanced Data Layer Data Events for Google Tag Manager

Flower Store In a box integrates with Google Tag Manager to add enhanced ecommerce events into the Data Layer for tracking.  This allows more advanced ecommerce tracking you can turn on when using “enhanced Ecommerce tracking with Google Tag Manager”.  This allows you to track:

  • Product Impressions
  • Sales Data
  • Add to Cart Data
  • Purchase Data
  • Steps to checkout Data

In additional you can also analyze your sales against more dimensions including:

  • Product Position on Page
  • Product Category Page

Google and other Shopping Feeds

We also provide a number of product feeds from your website so you can share your products with Google Shopping, Getprice and many other advertising platforms.

Email Marketing is included for free!

Unlike many other solutions we have an integrated solution for sending email marketing to your customers.  You can quickly and easily create lovely mobile responsive emails using our email template to promote your products and your website.  Statistics for email marketing is being added this year.

More mobile Responsive templates promoting products are being designed all the time that you can use to promote your online florist through your Flower Store In a Box website and dashboard.

You can also easily build up an email marketing list using the inbuilt tools and we can help links this to your website, social media platform and other advertising activities.

Social Media Integration

Social Media is an integral component of any digital marketing strategy, however Social Media for florists is generally focused on two aspects:

  • List Building
  • Awareness Raising

To help achieve this we have integrated the most up to date OG Metadata required for sharing content correctly to different social media.  In simple terms this means if someone shares a product of yours to Facebook the correct name, picture and description is used!

We can easily incorporate your social media feeds to your website as well so you can have a box for your Facebook likes (showing your social reach) and your Instagram feed so there is always fresh and exciting content on your homepage.

Automated Google Review Requests

A new feature that has been added is an automated email to your customers sent after the delivery date requesting that they add a review of you on Google.  These reviews are extremely effective in helping to improve your search engine rankings!

Single sign on using Facebook

In selected packages we deeply integrate with Facebook to allow your customer to use their Facebook account to login to your website.  Reducing the number of logins they have to remember and increasing your site’s usability.

Blogging Module

A simple to use blog module is included so you can post regular updates to your website and improve both the SEO and the return rates of the site.

Discount coupons

You can create and manage discount coupons easily on your Flower Store In a Box dashboard.  Discount coupons are an ideal way of encouraging new customers to buy from you.  For example you can set a $10 code for people’s first order!

Or a flash special for one day of 20% off your entire website.

One time sign up bonuses for customers

An extra special feature is the ability to create special one use coupons that can be redeemed on your website by a customer.  This is especially great if people want to give a special one off voucher for a customer to use on your site.  Each voucher is unique and can only be redeemed by signing up to your website.  The voucher will then be applied as a credit on the customers future order.

Customer credits for future orders

You can easily apply credits to customers accounts that they can redeem them the next time they order online and have logged in. These are also an extremely useful way of rewarding repeat customers or giving credit for an order that went wrong rather than a refund.

Segment customers

You can segment your customers and apply different segmentation discounts for customers when they order.  This is an ideal way to reward repeat customers by giving them a different members level and then applying special discount that that level.

Cart Abandonment Emails

An email can be sent to customers who have left something in their shopping cart but not completed there order, research shows that this is an excellent way of tipping customers to buy if they are unsure.

We can also integrate with a huge variety of other online tools that you may want to use whether it’s advanced CRM’s, Pop Up Managers like Sumo or Optin Monster or more, Flower Store In a Box is a flexible platform for you!

Inbuilt Blog Module

Flower Store In a Box also includes a fully integrated Blog Module no need for third party software.  Very easy to use you can add blog articles and sort them by date and tag.

Google Review Module

An important marketing opportunity for florists is to build their online ratings is to use Google Business Ratings.  Flower Store in a Box has an automated email that you can customise to ask your customers to rate your performance in Google.

Facebook Pixel Integration

Flower Store in a Box integrates seamlessly with the Facebook Tracking Pixel allowing you to tightly target advertising to Facebook & Instagram Users as well as use Facebook Shopping.

What is the Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel is a tool that allows you to better measure the effectiveness of your Social Media advertising on Facebook and Instagram.  It does this by tracking how people use your website and then assisting you to better target your advertising.

What does the Facebook Pixel allow you to do?

  • Track Sales on your website from Facebook ads
  • Target people who have visited your website but not purchased (re-marketing)
  • Build target audiences on Facebook to target your ads based on other users of your website
  • Optimize your Facebook advertising.

Facebook Catalogue

You can link your Flower Store in a Box website with Facebook and share your products on Facebook and Instagram

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