Purpose Built For Florists

Flower Store In a Box is an ecommerce website solution that has been purpose built for florists to sell flowers online.  We’ve been building websites for florists for over 15 years and have jam packed all sorts of features into the software that your florist website MUST Have.

We are constantly updating our software with new features that you the florist have requested.

Delivery Costs and Locations

Unlike almost every other type of ecommerce, one of the primary drivers of traffic to a florists website is their ability to deliver to a specific location.  This also means that most florists want to maximize their profitably by charging the correct amount for delivering to individual areas.

Flower Store In a Box allows you to have different costs for every area you deliver to.  You can also have “Included Delivery” areas so your customers close by don’t have to pay for the delivery.

We do this by suburbs rather than postcodes, because in rural areas the same postcode could be 20 kms apart and that costs you money.

Limit to your delivery locations

Another primary driver of profitability for you is the ability to limit orders to only the locations you do deliver to.  This means you don’t have to relay an order and ensures that you maximize the quality of your products.

Delivery Dates & Cut Off Times

The delivery date is an important feature in Flower Store In a Box checkout, when a customer choose a delivery date the software will check that the date has not passed, that you have not blocked that date (public holidays, Sundays etc) and if it’s a same day delivery that it’s not after your same day cut off time.

Customers expect that if your website allows the order to be entered that the order can be delivered. 

Checkout Experience Customized for selling flowers online

In fact the entire checkout process has been designed specifically to sell flowers online, the really important inclusions like:

  • Recipient name
  • Card message
  • Different delivery address to billing
  • No forcing to sign up if the customer doesn’t want to
  • The checkout is a two step easy process
  • Removed all but name, email  & phone in billing details
  • Check box to quickly join the site
  • User generated marketing message to promote sign ups
  • Added Billing Company name option for tax invoices in business names
  • Removed the drop down for limited suburbs and instead uses an auto-complete field
  • Significantly Improved Visual Calendar with blocked dates and real time checking availability

Product Pages built to sell flowers and add-ons

The product page has been designed so that the customer can all I one quick and easy prices add extras like chocolates, wine, teddy bears to their order.  This increases your revenue and profitability.

Special Event Categories & Banners

One of the really important features of Flower Store In a Box is the ability to optimize your website for Mother’s Day & Valentines Day.  From hiding and un hiding the categories on your website to the inclusion of banner libraries for these special events.

We’ve got you covered, and we even remind you weeks and months before hand to start your marketing campaigns for these oh so important events!

In Store Pickup

People buying flowers want the flexibility sometimes of being able to pickup their order in store, and Flower Store In a Box has an easy to use option to enable this.

If you charge delivery for everywhere else the In Store Pickup Option will make sure the delivery is not charged.

This option is also useful if you have multiple stores as you can have as many addresses as you would like.

It’s not just the website that has been built for florists it’s also the dashboard that manages your website and orders. You read about managing products for florists, managing florist orders and inbuilt marketing tools for florists too.

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