Order Management & Reporting Unique to Flower Sales

Managing online orders is easy with Flower Store In a Box, every time someone orders an item from your store you get sent an email notifying you. Then you can log into the back end of your store and view the full order. 

But there is so much more to selling flowers online than simply printing out the order for fulfillment. 

Order fulfillment Workflow

The fulfillment process has been designed for flowers sales with the ability for you to have a simple or complex order process.  When an order is received it is marked as “pending”.

You can view all orders under My Orders.

You can then change the status according to your internal processes:

Printed – if you print the order for fulfillment

Relayed – If you have sent this order to another florist for the making

On Route – if the order has been made and is on route the recipient

Delivered – when the order has been delivered

Custom Notifications on status change

You can set custom emails to be sent to the customer at each status change, this is useful because the customer who ordered the flower order will rarely know when the order has been delivered.

Edit an Order

Quite often the delivery details for an order will need to be changed, the recipient may not be working that day or the address may be wrong.  You can edit the order easily and change the delivery details.

Other Action for orders

  • You can add notes to an order
  • Email a tax invoice if requested
  • Cancel an Order
  • Delete an Order

Print Cards

A new feature especially for florists is the card printing feature where we can assist you setting up a card print design with the card message, recipient name / phone and address.  This is especially useful if you have a busy online florist and don’t have time to hand write the cards.

Sales Reports & Dashboard

Flower Store In a Box provides extensive reporting for your online sales. You can generate reports that provide a visual summary of a date range or specific date with the following:

  • No. Sales
  • Total Value
  • Avg. Products per Sale
  • Average Sale
  • Sales by members
  • Sales by non members

Delivery Run Sheet

The dashboard has a delivery run sheet for each date so you can quickly view all the orders that need to be delivered for a specific date.

This is also printable

In Store Run Sheet

The dashboard has an in store pickup run sheet so you can keep track of the orders for in store pickup with the pickup times requested and the status of the order.

Exporting Orders

You can export order data in CSV format from your website dashboard to import into your financial systems.

Failed or Abandoned Orders

There is a new report called “Failed Orders” where you can view orders that have not been successful, this report is useful is someone calls you and says they were unable to complete their order online and you want to assist them in completing the order.

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