Manage products just for Online Flower sales

Using the experience of 15 years of working and selling flowers online we have developed very specific features for the products on your Flower Store In a Box Website.

Up to 8 price points per product

Every product can have up to 8 price points with a description to recognize that floral products can have many variations to the same product.

  • Vase with that?
  • Extra Flowers?
  • Vase and Extra Flowers

Multiple Images for each product

You can upload more than one image for a product if you have them so people can see an arrangement from multiple views.

Different Images for each price or colour variation

You can also upload a different image for each price or colour variation so that the customer can see exactly what they are ordering.  If you choose this option the image will be kept right the way through the sale process.


One of the most important features of Flower Store In a Box are the Add-ons for upselling your customers.  These are easy to manage and will in real time calculate the value of the order.  The add-ons are displayed on the main product page so it encourages people to add extra items without making them click through extra pages.

Image Optimsation

Whenever an image for a product is uploaded it’s automatically resized for the different places it can be viewed on your website and as an additional feature it is optimized so the file size is the smallest possible!

Simple Stock Inventory

There is a simple Stock Inventory system that can automatically notifiy you when a product goes out of stock and mark it out of stock onn the website.

Managing Products is simple

Managing products is simple with a few clicks of the mouse you can:

  1. Add new products
  2. Add or edit categories
  3. Edit product information and prices
  4. Add the same product to as many categories as you want

Mark products out of stock

If a product is not currently available you can mark it out of stock and prevent people from ordering it, great for seasonal products that you will sell again in the future but are currently out of season.

Mark a Colour as out of Stock

You cann also mark a speirfic colour out of stock without making the whole product out of stock.

Restrict Orders to a Specific Product Type

For Mothers Day and Valentines Day you may want to restrict people from ordering only from a specific category.  This is most important when costs are much higher for these periods for roses!

Mark Some Products Not available Same Day

Some products may not be able to be ordered same day you can easily mark products in a category this way.

More advanced product settings

There are a number of other significant product features such as choosing which of the price variations to highlight when a product is viewed, customizing the add-ons to more than just cards, teddies etc.

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