Manual orders through your dashboard

For many florists a large number of their orders come through via telephone. Traditionally these orders have been jotted down on pieces of paper along with all the details.

Often details are lost and the order then has to be re-entered somewhere else. That is why the Premium & Innovater Packages of Flower Store In a Box integrates with a Manual Order Management System.

The Telephone Ordering System is a highly professional interface integrated with your existing website dashboard

  • Simple One Page Ordering for Telephone Orders
  • Customer Lookup so you don't have to re-enter repeat customer's details
  • Generic orders can be created as well as orders of products from your website
  • Review the status of customers orders
  • Update, edit and delete regular orders for customers

The Manual Order dashboard integrates fully with your existing business rules of your website so that your payment gateway etc are all fully working.

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