Two Factor Authentication

Published: Friday 12 October 2018

Two Factor Authentication

You may have noticed recently when you logged into your website dashboard that you were asked if you wanted to add Two Factor Authentication to your login via your mobile phone.

How does Two Factor Authentication Work?

It’s pretty simple really, every time you login to your website dashboard a “token” or random set of characters is sent to your mobile phone.  You then enter this token in the dashboard and you can access your data.

You might already use something similar on your internet banking when you login or when you transfer money to a new third party, it’s very common.

Why are we offering Two Factor Authentication?

We are always looking to improve the services we offer and we strongly believe that the privacy of your customers is extremely important. 

Think about this, if someone logs into your website dashboard they have access to all of your customer’s private data and we believe it’s exceptionally important that you protect this data!

But we all use the same login for the dashboard.                  

You shouldn’t all be using the same login for the dashboard that’s not very private.  You should have a separate login for every person that uses your dashboard.  That way you can revoke their access if they leave your business.

How do I set up user accounts?

Easy – just log into your dashboard then under Settings :: Admin Users add each user. You can also delete access here as well when someone leaves your business.

In the future we will be adding access directly through an sms number as well so your internal staff will be able to login to the dashboard simply by entering their mobile number and entering the token sent back to them.

Drew Wentzel

Drew Wentzel

Drew Wentzel is the principal of enflexion with over 25 years of experience in developing web services and software, Drew has helped design and develop usable and functionality rich Internet applications and built online presences for a wide variety of industries including retail, government, hospitality, lifestyle, corporate and technology companies.

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