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Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel at anytime, however if you are on a contract you will have to pay out the rest of your contract. If you are no longer on contract you can cancel with as little as twenty four hours notice in email.

If my needs expand, can I upgrade my package in the future?

Yes you can upgrade your account at any time.

Can I downgrade my account?

Yes you can downgrade your account, however if you are on a contract there may be a financial penalty in doing so and you will lose functions that may be in the higher package.

Can I pay my account by EFT?

No, you can only pay your account by Credit Card.

Who owns my website?

You own the visual design of your website, the data for your products, order date etc and you own a license for Flower Store In a Box. However, the software code is only licensed and you cannot sell the code. If you are on contract you do not own the website until the contract has been fully paid.

Can I transfer my account to another company / person

Yes you can transfer your account to another person or company, just contact one of our support team to help.

Our full Terms and Conditions for all our websites are published here.

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